What is a Fermata?

In musical symbology, a Fermata, affectionately known as a Bird's Eye, signals to a musician to continue to hold a note for as long as he or she wishes. At Fermata Eclectic, it's a symbol of preserving and celebrating the live music format.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fermata Fever

Have you caught Fermata fever yet this summer?

Well, How can I catch something when I don't even know what it is? you may ask. Keep this in mind: ignorance of an epidemic is no excuse.  :-)

 Truth is, Fermata fever is easily caught, just like anything that's floating around freely in the air. Still, to be thoroughly exposed, you have to be close to a source of happy and melodic live music.

Typically, highly talented musicians are the group to initiate the fevered pitch. In fact, upon spotting fermata, nearly all musicians suddenly inhale deeply and then blow steadily into their instruments until they turn blue in the face.

Audiences, on the other hand, exhibit symptoms  such as smiles, swaying from side to side, rhythmic moving of the feet and even finger snapping. As the fever spreads, even people with earplugs blocking their auditory appendages have been known to yank their technological stoppers out entirely in an effort to experience the symptoms of elation of those standing next to them.

Ironically, the only prescription for Fermata fever is to keep exposing yourself again and again to the very source that brings it about. It's the pound of cure that needs no prevention to achieve a desired state of well-being.

So expose yourself to Fermata fever this summer. The next opportunity will be at the Kensington Labor Day festivities. Be sure to "Like" us and share our organization with all your friends and family!